APRIL 17, 2010
Sorry to say but after almost 11 Years with Construcdead and as the founder of the band Christian has decided to leave the band. Here´s his final words:

A big thank you and goodnight to Construcdead and all the people who have supported me and the band through the years.
I wish the guys all the best in the future, Love, hugs and beers-Christian E



AUGUST 27, 2009
So finally "Endless Echo" has been released!!! A small releaseparty will take place at Pub Anchor/Club Distortion Thursday September 3. Doors open at 21.00. Sterbhaus will do the honours and open the whole show. Sadly, Christian won´t be able to make the show, so Mike Lavér will be filling in on guitar. 


MAY 16, 2009
We will be playing at the SthlmThrashfest, May 30 at Nalen. Check out the official Myspace site for more info and the chance to win som free tickets as well!


JANUARY 11 ,  2009
Another year has passed and we are now finally gonna release "Endless Echo". The album has been mastered and it really sounds great! The album will be released via Black Lodge/Sound Pollution. We don´t have a confirmed date yet, but sometime during April it should be in the stores. We are going to take some photos this weekend for the album, and post them on the site so you all can see how handsome we are...

We are also looking for a webmaster/webdesigner. If you are interrested please mail us at construcdead@construcdead.com

Oh, and if you haven´t seen the videoclips from the studio, check our Myspace site under the video section.

Remember, you can also vote for us at Metaltown


JUNE 27,  2008
A new song has been posted online at our Myspace site. Enjoy "Mephisto"!!!!

MAY 19,  2008
So things have been slow lately.. The album is done, and has been for some time now. Just label problems as usual. Still haven´t got a date for the release of the album. We´ve namned the album " Endless Echo". Here´s the tracklist.

Sedated Morning
My Haven
Endless Echoes
A Goddess Breaches Through Me
Disfigured Beauty
No Exit
Tragic Kingdom
Spriritual Shift
The One Beside Me
A Dark Wave

We´ve also parted ways with drummer Nicke Karlsson shortly after the recording. We just felt that he wasn´t the drummer for Construcdead and on some levels we didn´t go along either. We´ve asked Chris from Face Down to fill in on the drums, and it´s working out really good.

Another song from "Endless Echo" should becoming up soon at our Myspace site.



DECEMBER 4,  2007
A new song from our latest recording is now available at our Myspace site. Take a look, listen and enjoy.

SEPTEMBER 28,  2007
Some videoclips from our latest recording session has been posted online. Take a look at Myspace. Just look under the video section.


SEPTEMBER 12,  2007
What´s been going on? We have recorded the whole album, yet untitled down in Helsingborg with Peter Wildoer and Klas Ideberg from Darkane. The idea was to record in their studio, Not Quite Studios... But it was flooded the day before we even sat foot in there..So, we got to record elsewhere. Though still with Peter & Klas. We have nailed 13 songs but we are not sure if all of them are gonna end up on the album, we´ll see. We had a great time recording this album!! Got to hang out with some of the local celebs and friends, Björn Strid & Ola Frenning/Soilwork, Nick Sword/Terror 2000. Did we mention we drank a shitload of liqour..? And yes.., we had a guest apperance.. Guess who?

So right now we are just waiting to get a first mix from Peter & Klas. We will probably put some samples up on the page as soon as the whole thing is done.


SEPTEMBER 9,  2007
Home again from Armageddon. The gig went really well and we had a great time with the rest of the bands. We´d like to give a really big thanks to the crew at Armageddon and all of the bands who played and drank with us!! And most of all, the crowd!!! Cheers!!! Here´s a review of the night.. Armageddon review


SEPTEMBER 6,  2007
So.., As some of you might have noticed, Thomas and Jens already made a few comments on the guestbook about the recording. Not much to add to that. Things have been running pretty smothly.

Armageddon Open Air gig is coming up this weekend, we go on stage around 1800.


AUGUST 17,  2007
So, today we are going down to Helsingborg to start recording our new album! We will be recording in the Darkane studio, along with Peter Wildoer and Klas Ideberg. We´ll try to keep the site updated as possible as we can, and tell you about the progress. Anyway, it´s gonna be great to finally record this album and I´m sure it will turn out great!!!


JULY 26, 2007
We´ve been confirmed the slot for headline at the Pretzel Town Festival on the Thursday night, we still haven´t been given any specific time yet, but we´ll post it as soon as we know. Now, remember that it is a FREE Festival, so bring your friends, have a few beers and call in sick on Friday!! See you there!! Cheers!!!


JULY 2, 2007
And then the bad news.... Since Testament has decided not to play in Stockholm, neither will we as you can understand. But you still get to see us live this summer, first up is Pretzel Town Festival the 16th of August. Next up is Armageddon Open Air.

JUNE 5, 2007
We got some great news today. We are going to open up for TESTAMENT when the play  here in Stockholm, in August. More info will follow shortly.


JUNE 4, 2007
We have been booked for the Armageddon Open Air festival, the 8th of September. More info regarding gig time will follow.


JUNE 2, 2007
Hello folks!! Some news, At the moment we still haven´t got a clue when we are going to record the new album. Delays, delays.. well.. I guess sometime this year.. Who knows?!? Anyway, right now we are rehearsing with bassplayer Thomas Fällgren(ex.Sins of Omission, and Cobolt Syndicate). We´ve also hooked up with CMH Management. They are working real hard for us, got some interresting gigs coming up. More on that later!



MAY 7, 2007
Dear beloved fans, the 2 of you... What´s up?!? Here´s a small update on what´s going on in the Construcdead camp. We have finished 13 song all togheter, and aming to record the shit sometime in June. Here´s some of the working titles and a brief descprition of the songs:

Cataclysm; A fast MF from hell.
Transfixed; Another fast MF from hell.
My Haven; Guess what..? Yet another fast MF!!
Tragic Kingdom; Ooops?? A slow and brutal MF from hell.
A Godess Breaches Through Me; Groovy baby, Groovy
Spiritual Shift; Heavy Grinding, and some smooothness..
The One Beside Me; Perfect beer song, heavy tunes and sweet riffing!
No Exit; Brutal Shit with a Chorus that´ll make you snap your neck!

Ooohhh..., Shit that was a lot of updating, better get back to work.., and I´m not talking about the riffing, I´m talking about God of War 2 baby!! Yeah play it play it!

Well, as soon as we get more info on  recording dates, we´ll post a line here, so check in every once in a while..  We´ll probably have some more titles for you and perhaps a sound sample?!? Who knows.


FEBRUARY 25, 2007
Club Distortion is celebrating 2 years the 1st of March. We heve been asked to play, and so we will. Filling in on the drums is Niklas Karlsson(ex. Soils Of Fate, Pandemonic). The doors open 2100 at Pub Anchor.


FEBRUARY 18, 2007
We will be playing at Pub Anchor the 1st of Mars. More info will follow shortly.


FEBRUARY 14, 2007
Time for some updates.., First of all, we postponed the recording until May sometime. Why? Well, we should have been forced to record drums, guitar etc.etc... at different locations and at different months. We felt more comfortable recording everything at once instead. So therefore, we postponed the recording. The good thing is that we have been given a lot of more time to work with the songs, and they do sound great so far! But there´s still a couple of months before we start recording, so we´ll probably work with the songs until the last minute.  

Erik and Viktor is no longer with the band. Comments on that later.

NOVEMBER 9, 2006
Okey!! Date is set for recording! Erik will enter studio Cosmos the 2nd of December togheter once again with Jocke Skog(Clawfinger) to start recording the drums. I´d say that 90% of the preproduction is done, all of the riffing is done, just some of the vocals and perhaps a change of some leads, then we are all set! We have 13 new songs and hopefully we have the time to record all of them, so that we can pick the strongest of those songs, and make another killer album!
I think that there will be something for everyone on this album. Most of the material though, is very fast, heavy and hard. But we managed to squeeze in a few melodies here and there as well. I can guarantee some serious blasting!!!

Other than that, we are cutting togheter some videoclips, past present and future.. The idea is that the finished product will end up on the new album.


OCTOBER 29, 2006
The gig on the 1st of November at Underground Sweden, has been canceled. We are sorry about that, but sometimes these things happens. We´ll try to book another date as soon as possible.

OCTOBER 10, 2006
First of all, sorry for the lack of updates.. We haven´t paid to much attention to the site since we´ve been kinda busy recording pre-production songs for the upcoming album. Most of the songs are finished. Now we just need to get them to Jocke Skog(producer) and make sure he likes them, otherwise we´´ll just re-arrange them in the studio..he he. I´d say that we have at least 13 new songs and more still coming! We´ll see how many of them that ends up on the new album.

We will be playing some shows here in Stockholm. First up is 21st of October at Ekens Gård. After that it´s off to Underground Sweden on the 1st of November. Stagetime for the two nights are at 2200. So be there in time!

Flyer Ekens Gård


JULY 1, 2006
Things have been kinda slow lately, we had some problems with the site as you´ve might have noticed.. Hopefully it will remain functionable now. Well, what can I say, we are writing songs for the new album and just having a great summer at the moment. I guess it´ll be a while before we can put anything useful up on the site. But as soon as we get some of the new songs on demo, I think we´ll add some here on the page. There will be some videoclips from the gig togheter with Raise Hell here on the site soon, Who knows.., maybe a new song? Take care folks and have a great summer! Cheers!

MAY 6, 2006
Ok folks! So we´ve been a bit lazy updating the page,.. Sorry about that.. Well what can I say, shit happens! Anyway good news for the people in Stockholm. We are going to play togheter with Raise Hell at Debaser on the 23th of May!!! Raise Hell will have their release party that night so if you are gonna get in, I suggest you be there in time! Other than that, we are writing news songs and doing some demos for the upcoming record. The songs are sweet I tell ya!!





APRIL 24, 2006
Today we start recording some of our new songs, just for demo though. Just so we´ll get a pretty good picture of how the songs will sound like. We´ll try to get some of this on video.. I think we have about 6 new songs or so. If everything works out good tonight, I´ll try to put some clips up. 


MARCH 20, 2006
Ok, so the new site is up and running! How do you like it? It´s still under heavy construction, there will be lots of stuff to download under the download meny, pics will be added and so on. Well at least the guestbook is running! Start printing! More info will follow!!!

Guitar riffs can be found under Downloads! Knock yourself out!!!

Check out MySpace: Construcdeadrocks and

You can now download Ringtones to your Mobilephone, check the Download section at the bottom.


MARCH 3, 2006
Here are some videoclips from when we recorded "The Grand Machinery". The site is still under construction, only a few days left now before the new design will be up, hope you still got the patience.. There will be loads of stuff for you people to download. I hope this will do in the meantime. Cheers!

Chris Lustfull

Guitar hero..

Drummer boy

8 inches

Heavy bass

Rickard 8 inches

FEBRUARY 27, 2006
It has been way to long since we did an update on the page, we are sorry for that. 2 Songs from the Wounded Ep is avaliable on the media page. There will be an mayor update hopefully this weekend. A new design a lot of goodies for you people to download, videoclips and pictures from the tour with Soilwork and Hatesphere. A lot of you people have been writing asking about tabs. We will have something even better than tabs for you. Just take a look at the end of the week. Ast the moment we are rehearsing some new songs. They sound really good I tell you!! I will try to do some more updates on the page this week. But the plan is to have the new homepage up by the end of the week. Stay tuned folks!

Check out some of the highlights from the Tour, more will be added asap.

Chili pants

Follow The Hollow

OCTOBER 28, 2005
Back home again! We´ve been home for a couple of days now and for the first time in three weeks we´ve actually gotten some well earned sleep! Feels good to be home, though it has been a blast to have done this amazing tour! We would like to thank Soilwork and Hatesphere for all the great memories we´ve gotten during this tour. Unforgetable!!! There will soon be some vidoeclips from the tour as well as pictures from the venues etc.etc.

Now official is that Jens Broman and Viktor Hemgren are now members of Construcdead. Welcome!

Jens Broman - Vocals
Christian Ericson - Guitar
Rickard Dahlberg - Guitar
Erik Thyselius - Drums
Viktor Hemgren - Bass

Some Pics:

FFM Rock

Jacob(Hatesphere), Björn(Soilwork) & Jens(Construcdead) Drinking an Irishcarbomb, 1 pint of Guiness, 6 cl of Jameson and 4 cl of Baileys.


OCTOBER 10, 2005
Back from Finland! The tour has been going very well so far, we are home for a short breather right now, tomorrow we will be playing at Klubben in Stockholm. I can´t really say much more than this is by far the best we´ve ever done so far. Really excited to tour the rest of Europe with Soilwork and Hatesphere! Really nice guys all of them! And not to mention the crowd! Thank you so much for the support in Finland! It really means a lot to us! Hope to be back soon!

Some pictures from Nosturi